Get tailored with our exclusive suits and garments for women. We offer a wide selection of high-quality clothing, from comfortable lightweight unstructured jackets, elegant trousers and luxurious suits to custom jeans with endless options. Our goal is to help you find the best style for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Spain, Portugal and Italy, using the finest organic fabrics sourced from top European factories, predominantly from Italy and the United Kingdom. We create every garment to your exact measurements, ensuring a personalized and unique fit.

Explore our collection of women’s fashion, including custom-tailored suits, trendy clothing, and stylish ensembles. Our tailoring team specializes in custom pant suits, suit dresses for women, shirts and fashionable custom jeans. If you’re looking for a women’s suit near you, look no further. Our personalized service guarantees an exceptional experience and a perfect fit. Discover the quality, style, and exclusivity of our creations. Trust us to help you look impeccable and feel truly unique for every occasion.


Unleash your essence.

Show the world your creativity with our diverse design options, customizing unique pieces that reflect your essence. Choose from canvassed or unstructured suits, single or double breasted styles, and various  linings, flaps, buttons and pockets to bring your vision to life with endless possibilities for self-expression.


Complete your look with our stylish additions.

Enhance your looks with our range of complementary pieces, including shirts, waistcoats, dresses, and accessories. Play with different combinations and mix them according to the occasion, allowing you to create versatile and stylish ensembles.


Just a pair of jeans that fit well and suit you, shouldn’t be this difficult.

Jeans that feel like it was made just for you, why is it not in your closet yet? We were wondering about that too. Because a pair of jeans is perhaps the most worn item in your wardrobe, it must be perfect. That’s why we will make it custom for you and completely to your liking, from now on.

In our Atelier we start with a few simple questions. When do you want to wear it? Is there a special item you want the jeans to go with? And which fit do you prefer? Once we’ve determined that, it’s time for step two: styling the jeans with colors and washes, but also yarns, buttons, and patches. Finally, it’s time for a personal touch: your initials on the jeans, or a personal message on the waistband.

CONCIERGE SERVICE: Fittings at offices and homes by appointment